Sunday, 6 October 2013

Exquisitely Imaginative Series “Bottom Feeders” by Mary O’Malley

Exquisitely Imaginative Series "Bottom Feeders" by Mary O'Malley
Ceramic artist Mary O’Malley has created a series of interesting dishes called “Bottom Feeders”. it is a collection of sculptural teapots, vases craftily and cup made out of porcelain. In this series she features starfish, shells barnacles and tentacles growing over and covering tea cups, glasses, creamers and tea pots.
Mary O’Malley studied from Philadelphia but currently she is living and working in Long Island, New York. This “Bottom Feeders” series is inspired by the design of her childhood memories, when she and her family lived in the new area of residence, located near the sea. By combining the imagery of sea creatures with the elegance of tea service, she provides a fantastic occasion, when this cookware will be worthy of attention great characters such as Alice and Davy Jones.
Bottom Feeder Dinner Set
Bottom Feeder Teacup and Saucer
Bottom Feeder Teapot
Bottom Feeder Teapot Two
Imaginative Series "Bottom Feeders"
 "Bottom Feeders" Artworks
 "Bottom Feeders" Artworks
Imaginative Series "Bottom Feeders"
 "Bottom Feeders" Artworks
Mary O'Malley Artworks
Mary O'Malley--bottom feeders creamer1b
Mary O'Malley--bottom feeders creamer
Mary O'Malley--bottom feeders cup
Mary O'Malley--bottom feeders cup2b
Mary O'Malley--bottom feeders tumblers1a
Mary O'Malley--bottom feeders tumblers1b
Big Bellied Bottom Feeder Pitcher
Big Bottom Feeder Pitcher

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